Top 5 Luxury Cars We’re Using to Lure LeBron

In Miami we love the beach, luxury cars, nice homes, boats and NBA basketball.  We had a nice run with Dewayne Wade and Shaq playing together but that short dynasty just left us thirsty for more. Imagine Lifestyles would like to help the Miami Heat fans get what we all would love, LeBron James in a Miami Heat jersey. 

We all know that LeBron loves cars. Let’s not forget the H2 Hummer his mom bought for him while he was only in high school.   Imagine Lifestyles is looking to offer LeBron something special to come and play some ball in sunny Florida for the Miami Heat.  So we here at Imagine Lifestyles luxury rentals put together a list from our fleet of Miami luxury rental cars.  So LeBron, pick one of our luxury rental cars you would like for a day, week, etc.  Miami is calling you!!

1. Our brand new Lamborghini LP-560 Rental

Lamborghini LP-560-4 White with Black Rims


2. A nice classic Red Ferrari F430 Rental

Ferrari F430 Spider Red Tan


3. Aston Martin Vantage Convertible Rental

Aston Martin Vantage Black Convertible


4. Our brand new Rolls Royce Ghost rental

Rolls Rocye Ghost


5. Bentley GTC Convertible Rental

Bentley GTC Convertible



Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals