Top 5 Luxury Gifts for Father’s Day

This year we at Imagine Lifestyles have put together a list of ideas to assist our fans and readers with the annual event of deciding on the perfect Father’s Day gift.  So without further ado, here are this year’s top 5 luxury gifts for Father’s Day:

iPad for Father's Day

1.    3-D, LCD, LED, HD TV by Samsung
2.    Gift certificate to an exotic restaurant
3.    Luxury rental car
4.    ipad
5.    Helicopter charter


First up is the Samsung TV.  Regardless if it is an 3-D, LCD, LED or HD TV, Samsung provides the best product, and based on our experience, superior customer service.  After ordering a luxury television a while back, we discovered some minor damage to the bezel.  Standards of customer service in many an industry suffers, but Samsung was immediately available to correct the problem with 5-star service.  Follow link to find out more about Samsung luxury TVs and service, it is a great gift for any Dad, trust us!

A gift certificate to an exotic or luxury restaurant is also high on the list of great Father’s Day gift ideas.  This way, you are treating Dad and his palate to a special meal, while still giving him the freedom to decide when he’d like to go and what he’d like to order.  It makes for a thoughtful and memorable night out for Pops.  We recommend the new STK Gansevoort South Beach if he likes steakhouses, or Nobu South Beach if he prefers sushi.  For more ideas, follow link to the Top 5 Luxury Restaurants in South Beach. Lamborghini Rental Miami

Nothing says ‘I love you Dad’ like a luxury rental car parked in the driveway…except maybe his own personal exotic car that you purchased for him. But who are we kidding.  Let Dad pick out a Ferrari F430 rental, an Aston Martin rental, a Lamborghini rental, a Bentley rental or any style of his choice on his day!  This is a way to show your appreciation in a BIG way!

Ahh the ever-popular iPad.  Get Dad an iPad…that was my mad rhyming skills coming out…perhaps I missed my calling as a songwriter!  Seriously though, this is a great gift for anyone, as it is top-of-the-line techy and just plain interactive bliss!  If you are of the “I am waiting for the next model” mentality, fine, but know that there will always be a ‘next model’, why not indulge now while the price is so low?  Likely your dad will not notice the upgrades!

For our final Father’s Day gift idea, why not take things to a whole different level, in a luxury helicopter charter!  Yes, this is an extreme way to show your love to Dad that will literally leave him elated!   Find our more about a Father’s Day helicopter charter by following link! 

 Helicopter Charter Miami

We hope these ideas for a luxury Father’s Day were of use to our readers and fans, don’t forget to email us with details on how your big day went! 




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