Top 5 Roads You Should Not Drive Your Ferrari On!

If you enjoy experiencing new roads with your luxury car, the following exotic roadways are downright dangerous! Here are the top 10 roads you should never drive a Ferrari on. Yes, that includes our Ferrari rentals…although the Ferrari FF may do well on the ice road in Canada! Somehow I just do not see a new segment emerging called “Ice Road Ferrari’s”…call me crazy.

5. Darien Gap, Panama to Columbia
4. Torugart Pass
3. Siberia’s “Road of Bones”
2. Ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
1. Bolivia’s “Road of Death”

Darien Gap
Darien Gap, Panama to Columbia

     The last time a vehicle attempted to navigate this pass was in 1985, and never again has an attempt been made! This is perhaps the final frontier of true wilderness. The Pan-American Highway managed to connect the infrastructure of Mexico and Columbia, save this treacherous 50-mile jaunt, named the “Darien Gap”.
     According to the Guinness Book of Records, Loren Upton and Patty Mercier managed to find a path through this swamp with their Jeep CJ-5, making the trip in just 741 days…no thanks! Since the 1990s, dangerous militants often kidnap hikers in the area, so a Ferrari would definitely not last long, anyway!



Torugart Pass
Torugart Pass

     This is another rugged road between hostile superpowers! The dry and unforgiving desert road stretches between the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan to China, and is little more than a dirt path lined with workers sentenced to hard labor and scary armed guards! How long do you think it would take to be carjacked in a luxury car along an isolated road like this? Yikes.



"Road of Bones," Siberia
"Road of Bones," Siberia

     This is the northernmost road to the Pacific in Asia, named for the bones of the inmates charged with its creation. That is because when a worker perished, his bones were placed beneath the roadbed.
     Those who have traveled this road report nothing resembling civilization along its 1,000-mile length, and it is mostly impassable in mild weather. They say it is easier to travel when it is coated with a layer of ice…perhaps another challenge for the Ferrari FF hatchback!



Ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, Canada
Ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, Canada

     This road is only open during the harshest months in the heart of winter, when a sturdy sheet of ice creates a road! Think “Ice Road Truckers”, the popular reality series. If you think an exotic car can run on ice at temps that regularly reach negative 40 F, which would be a negative!
     Shockingly, over 1,000 people call Tuktoyaktuk home, making 2 annual trips for food and provisions and receiving power through a diesel generator…a life of true luxury! This town is only accessible by plane during the summer, occasionally boat, and by ice road during the winter. You would be waiting for weeks for a tow truck to rescue a precious Lamborghini here!


Bolivia's "Road of Death"
Bolivia’s "Road of Death"

     Extending from La Paz to the Amazon, this road often ends in the hereafter for those brave enough to attempt it! Just look at the photo above, would you dare drive on such a high and narrow road? Imagine the frightening views!
     The “Road of Death” has earned its name thousands of times over, with the highest death rate for any 60-mile stretch of road on the planet. Although the speed limit is slower than a person’s walking pace, hundreds perish here annually, due to steep drop-offs, lack of guardrails and sharp cliffs. The elevation drops 10,000 feet in just 40 miles!
     The danger begins when the pavement ends and the dirt road begins, with enough space for two vehicles to pass each other while likely scraping against one another…not a likely trip for a Ferrari! Factor in hundreds of hairpin turns and potential rockslides, and you have yourself a disaster. Believe it or not, it is actually safer to navigate this death trap at night, so you can see the headlights of oncoming vehicles!



Ferrari F430

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