Top 5 Spots to View the Chicago Air and Water Show

Top 5 Places to Watch Air and Water Show

Chicago’s Annual Air and Water show will draw millions of people to the lakefront, rooftops, and boats alike this weekend.  Imagine Lifestyles was wondering where Chicago residents think they capture the best view of the actual air show.  As well as getting a great view, we also think having a good time and enjoying the show should factor in as well.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago attempted to compile our own top five list of the best places to enjoy the overall experience of the Air and Water Show.

1.  Yacht
2.  North Avenue Beach
3.  Rooftop
4.  Lakefront Condo
5.  Oak Street Beach 

1) Yacht – There is no comparison to watching the show from the comfort of your own personal luxury yacht charter.  The planes literally fly directly overhead and sound as if they might just come land on the water right next to your boat.  Having a spot on the water also enables you to see all the acts performed in the water and gain a better appreciation for how exciting and entertaining they are as well.  Viewing the Air and Water show from your own personal yacht truly is the best way to go.

2) North Avenue Beach –
Aside from being out on the water, North Avenue Beach will provide you with the best view of all the activities going on at sea and in the air.  However, there will also be a million other people sitting next to you enjoying the same thing.  There is nothing wrong with a crowd, and sometimes it can add to the excitement.  The only recommendation we would have is to get there early, very early.  Bring a cooler, some lawn chairs, and plenty of sunscreen and sit back and enjoy the show.Chicago Rooftop

3) Rooftop – Depending on whether or not you luck out and grab a spot on a high-rise roof top, this destination can also provide some fantastic once-in-a-lifetime views of all the action.  Any rooftop scattered along the Gold Coast up to Lakeview will do the job as long as you are above the tree line and have no buildings blocking your view.  The BYOB and barbeque style of all rooftops also gains them some points towards ensuring a good time.  If you are lucky, you might even get a flyover by the Blue Angels as they are looping their way back into formation.

4) Lakefront Condo – For those unlucky enough to not have a rooftop, a living room view out the window is not the end of the world.  Sitting in the air conditioning on the comfort of your own couch or loveseat is not that bad after all.  The sound of the jet engines might even get muffled as they roar by each pass.  As long as you have some big windows, this spot should not disappoint.

5) Oak Street Beach – With similar pros and cons to North Avenue Beach, Oak Street is the spot to catch all the action as they finish their flight path and head for the other end all over.  The crowds here will be just as crazy as North Avenue so be sure to arrive as early as possible.  Parking does not exist at this beach so expect to do some walking before you find your perfect resting spot as well.

Wherever you decide to watch the Air and Water show this weekend Imagine Lifestyles is sure you will have a wonderful time.  It really is one of Chicago’s greatest benefits during the summer.  Nowhere else in the world can you find a show this large and exciting for free.  For those of you who cannot seem to think of any rooftop parties you can crash or want to avoid the crowds of both beaches, contact Imagine Lifestyles Chicago to reserve your own private luxury yacht rental today.    


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