Top 5 Strange Places to Stay! Just Pack Your Imagination

Luxury Travel Tips

Luxury Travel Tips

Living the true luxury lifestyle also includes travel, but if you have grown tired of the typical trips to Europe, Bora Bora or Hawaii, tune up your inner trendsetter with these 5 unique places you can visit that will leave all of your friends with a pale twinge of jealousy! Here are five luxury travel tips to share!

5. Astronomic Hotel, Coquimbo, Chile
4. Snow Igloo, Kravec, Slovenia
3. Treehouse at Kilaueu Volcano, Hawaii
2. 727 Fuselage Home, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
1. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Astronomic Hotel
Astronomic Hotel
This is an astronomer’s dream, boasting a detachable roof that opens to offer clear views of the Elqui Domos sky!
*Nightly rate: $130 
Monthly: $4,203



Snow Igloo hotel

Snow Igloo, Krvavec, Slovenia
I have covered ice hotels in the past, and there seems to be no shortage of them! This labyrinth of tunnels is carved into a ski resort, providing natural insulation from the elements and fur-lined furnishings.
*Nightly rate: $189 
Monthly: $6,110



Treehouse Volcano Hotel Hawaii

Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Here you can sleep suspended in the trees within proximity to an active Hawaiian volcano! It is a bi-level treehouse with an awesome cedar hot tub.
*Nightly rate: $195 
Monthly: $5,460



Fuselage Home Costa Rica
 727 Fuselage Home, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
This dwelling takes creativity to the extreme! It is a 727 jet perched atop a 50-foot pedestal that has been transformed into a unique 2-bedroom apartment with sweeping ocean views. There just are not words.
*Nightly rate: $400 
Monthly: $11,872 (Hey, that is less than some airline tickets!)



Giraffe Manor Kenya

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya
If you are an animal lover, more specifically a giraffe fan, this destination should top your list. Here the giraffes roam the manor, occasionally craning their substantial necks into the windows, providing a treat for guests as they beg for a treat!
*Nightly rate: $500 
Monthly: $14,840 per month


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727 Fuselage Hotel

727 Fuselage Home interior




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