Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona

Hello jet-setters!  Most of our readers and fans tend to be the traveling types, and for that reason we like to keep tabs on what to do and where to stay in world destinations.  Barcelona is one of the most popular European vacation destinations, and here are 5 things one must do while visiting the ‘City by the Sea’:

1.    Park Guell
2.    Camp Nou Stadium
3.    La Sagrada Familia
4.    Barcelona’s Roads
5.    Montserrat

Park Guell House, Barcelona Spain

Park Guell.  This is a monument to Barcelona’s most famed architect and artist, Antoni Gaudi.  This famous park was intended to be an exclusive and gated destination for the city’s wealthy, but thankfully now visitors of all classes are welcome to soak in the lavish hilltop gardens boasting a magnificent view of the entire city.  What is more is that some of the best and most notorious works of Gaudi are on display in and around Park Guell, including the mosaic dragon-lizard and his picture-book house, where he lived his last years. 

Know that while there are escalators, it is still a lengthy sightsee with much walking, though very much worth it for the unforgettable view encompassing the city and complimented my such famous art. 


Camp Nou Stadium.  It may be a challenge to obtain a ticket to a match, but if you are so lucky, this is the largest stadium in Europe!  It is massive, with a capacity of over 100,000, with striking views from the top stands.  If you cannot get tickets to a match, do not fret, as there are tours available to show visitors the VIP section, dressing rooms, press area and museum.  For the football fans, this stadium was built in 157, and extended for the 1982 World CuLa Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spainp.

La Sagrada Familia.  This is perhaps one of Barcelona’s most famous sites, and was designed by famed artist Gaudi mentioned above in Park Guell.  This is a church designed in 1882, interrupted by Gaudi’s death in 1926, and continued by a variety of other architects, with construction continuing to present day.  Unbelievably, completion is not projected to occur until 2026!  It features such intricate attention to detail, a remarkable “must see”. 


Barcelona’s Roads.  If you are a ‘traveler’ and not a ‘tourist’, there are two splendid streets in Barcelona that you should experience.  Manzana de la Discordia is a row of homes crafted by 3 famous ‘modernist’ architects, including Gaudi.  What ensued was a sort of competition between the homeowners for the best design.  The end result is a breathtaking drive past some of the most stunning and artistic homes in the city. 

Next is Ramblas, located in the center of Barcelona.  This is a popular tourist attraction, with all the usual suspects-street performers, rows of animals for sale, and sufficient racket and noise.  But, weave your way away from the actual street, and you will enter a local food market, brimming with exotic local fares like meat on hooks, flowers and fresh fruit; all in a dizzying array of color and culture.


Montserrat.  Finally, for a memorable final day in Barcelona, take a trip to the mountains of MontMontserrat, Barcelona Spainserrat!  Just a short jaunt via train, the spectacular panoramic views provide a sense of tranquility and peace.  If you are more on the athletic and active side, there are plenty of hiking trails, including a hike to the highest peak, Sant Jeroni.  Visitors wishing to relax can walk about, visiting the monastery and 13 other chapels spread about.  Travelers have been frequenting the Montserrat since the 5th century, and it is known as the spiritual heart of the city by the sea.  Not a train person?  You can likely get a private air charter up to the mountain.


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