Top 5 Things to do Besides Gamble in Vegas

I learned a few new things today.  It seems there are actually things to do in Las Vegas other than gamble  (can you imagine?)!  This information threw my imagination into overdrive, and I decided I must pass on these Vegas travel tips to my readers.

I won’t keep you in suspense, the top 5 things to do in Vegas other than gamble are:

Las Vegas Travel Tips1.    Shop
2.    Experience the national parks, recreation and unique spots
3.    Dine
4.    Shows
5.    Outstanding museums, galleries & exhibitions


Shopping.  Number one is an obvious given I suppose, yet often overlooked.  Hours, perhaps even entire days can pass indoors gambling while in Vegas, trying to “win big”.  Next time you are in Sin City, take a couple hours off from the slot machines and scour the unique and trendy boutiques available in Vegas, some are found no place else!  The shopping experience in Vegas rivals the entertainment image it is known for.  You can find luxury boutiques, shopping chains, malls, thrift shops, specialty shops, and top designers like Prada, Luis Vuitton, Armani, Chanel and more.  Be certain to visit the Grand Canal Shoppes, where you can enjoy a Venetian style ambiance and see the gondolas complete with singing gondoliers!

Parks & Recreation.  Many forget the fact that Las Vegas is located in the desert, a beautiful and intriguing landscape.  National parks and recreation areas around the sought-after strip include some of the most breathtaking sights, a good call for families, lovers and well, anyone!  It is amazing how exiting the stuffy casino for a few hours of fresh air and nature can enhance your perspective (and perhaps your appetite for more gambling that evening!).

Dining.  Sometimes people visiting Vegas get so wrapped up in winning, they often opt to dine on the quick bites offered at whatever hotel and casino they are stationed.  Those in the know rave about the available dining in Las Vegas; including al fresco, buffets, exotic cuisine, top regional offerings and international chefs competing for top ratings.  In Vegas you can find the big boys, including Emril’s, Nobu, Le Cirque and Joel Robuchon.
Remember that Las Vegas is famed for its creativity and over-the-top attitude, and this also translates to its culinary offerings.  Also, imagine all the luxury car rentals you will spy at the valet, they will make the wait worth it!
Vegas Shows.  Some of the world’s top-caliber artists and entertainers flock to Las Vegas to perform.  The strip is teeming with entertainment venues to suite practically any taste.  Here you can find the likes of Celine Dion, David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Barry Manilow, Cher and thousands of Elvises gyrating their pelvises.  Regular performances by Cirque du Soleil are also a “can’t miss”!

Museums and Exhibits.  Lastly, take a break from gambling to refresh your brain and your sense of history by visiting one of Vegas’ museums and exhibits, you can find them peppered all over Sin City.  The larger luxury hotels often have special features and attractions, like the Wildlife Habitat and Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay and the Atrium at the Mirage.  The Bellagio hotel boasts a Gallery of Fine Art Museum with quite an impressive stock of artists.

Yes, Las Vegas certainly has a bit of everything from around the world.   Next time you make the trek to the diamond in the desert, make sure you allot time for its many offerings other than gambling, you will be pleasantly surprised!



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