Top 5 Trips for Fall in Chicago

5 Chicago Weekend Getaways For Fall

Summer is over everyone.  In a few months we will all be fighting our way through piles of snow and trying to jump over puddles of half-frozen water every time we need to cross the street.  Hopefully you get the point that I am not the biggest fan of Chicago winters by now.  However, we have quite a few great weekends before all this misery creeps up on us.  Some of the getaways below may be a perfect chance to rent one of our Chicago exotic car rentals and experience some new territory.   Imagine Lifestyles Chicago has a few weekend trips to make the most out of this fall season that is somehow already upon us. 

1.  Starved Rock State Park
2.  Northwestern Football Game
3.  Tanner’s Apple Orchard
4.  Lake Geneva
5.  Notre Dame Football Game

Starved Rock 1. Starved Rock State Park.  Located just 94 miles from Chicago near the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 39 Starved Rock is often forgotten among Chicago residents.  Most people think you have to head West to Colorado or Wyoming to gain access to great hiking and camping or up into Maine or Vermont to see the leaves turn colors.  In reality all of these fantastic things are less than 2 hours away from the skyscrapers and honking taxis of downtown Chicago.  Get in contact with the park to find out their calendar of events they have planned for this fall or drive over and plan your own private getaway with nature.

2. Northwestern Football Game.  Most of you think Big Ten football and probably don’t stumble upon Northwestern in your mind until you name some of the other more prominent Michigan’s and Ohio State’s of the world.  Recently Northwestern has been making some huge strides to put a more competitive product on the field and it’s about time they get some recognition.  Unlike many Big Ten schools, Northwestern football tickets are easy to get and a simple train ride from the city will drop you off just minutes from the field.  Their isn’t a more beautiful campus near Chicago than the one you will find in Evanston so head up north this fall and cheer on the local team. 

3.  Tanner’s Apple Orchard.  The Tanner family has been growing apples in Central Illinois since 1906 and was doing so in Switzerland long before that.  They know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing top-quality apples.  Located less than 3 hours from Chicago, Tanner’s provides options for the whole family.  With a bakery, a market, corn mazes, wagon rides, apple picking, fresh cider, and much more Tanner’s is the place to be come fall.  Escape city life for a day and go enjoy some fresh air and great fresh produce.Leaves Changing Colors

4. Lake Geneva.  Probably one of Chicago residents’ most popular getaway spots, Lake Geneva might seem like a northern suburb come fall with all the Chicago residents rolling in every Friday.  Whether you want to squeeze in a few more rounds of golf before summer ends, take to the waters of Lake Geneva before it freezes over, or just drive around and observe the leaves changing colors it is all possible in this southern Wisconsin hotspot for Chicagoans.  This is a perfect chance to test drive a convertible Lamborghini rental car and enjoy the scenery your entire way to Lake Geneva.   Look for some of the smaller bed and breakfast establishments to truly step away from the city and get the ultimate relaxing weekend.

5.  Notre Dame Football Game.  Anyone who has lived in Chicago for more a few months surely has to see the large presence of Notre Dame alumni everywhere. With South Bend only a few hours away Saturday’s from September to November will see cars full of Irish fans and alumni alike pouring out of the city heading southeast to South Bend to watch their beloved Irish.  One of sports iconic stadiums, a trip to a Notre Dame game is a once in a lifetime experience for sports fans.  Touchdown Jesus might even make it a religious experience for those that appreciate the history and lore of everything that is Notre Dame football.  If you are looking to avoid traffic, the South Shore offers a train right into South Bend from Union Station.   If you want to get your drink on take advantage of Chicago chauffeur service.

Do not let fall pass by as quickly as summer has this year.  Make some plans today to get out of the city and go experience some of the local attractions that are often overlooked by most residents.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago would love to assist in accommodating any and all travel needs for all the trips mentioned above so please contact us today to get fall started right.  We are Chicago’s #1 provider of luxury transportation and have vehicles for any occasion.  Arrange your own personal luxury SUV rental today and head out into the great outdoors.