Top 5 Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia Supercars

Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia in Flames

The Ferrari 458 Italia has been burning up headlines, literally!  Thanks to a hot recall, the 458 Italia has maintained a hot spot on the top of many blogspots among exotic and luxury car rentals.  Here the luxury sports car is shown in flames.

Totalled Ferrari 458 Italia Luxury Car

I have a feeling this is not exactly the picture the Ferrari buyer had in mind while placing the order for the super-luxe exotic car.  If it is any condolence, you can always indulge in a Ferrari rental Miami style while you await delivery of a suitable replacement!

Crashed Ferrari 458 Italia

This Ferrari 458 Italia has apparently undergone a face-lift.  This is one busted grille, and not the kind mentioned in the rap community.

Wrecked Ferrari Italia Supercar

I wonder if the driver mentioned to their insurance carrier that that tree jumped right out in front of their Ferrari Italia.  This certainly brings new meaning to the term ‘Tree Hugger’.  Sigh.

Ferrari 458 Italia on Fire

Isn’t it tragic when love goes up in flames?  It breaks my bleeding red heart to see a Ferrari or Ferrari rental reduced to roadside rubble!  We hope none of our luxury rental cars are reported in this condition.


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