Tramontana Fuses Formula 1 Racing and Fighter Jet for Ultimate Exotic Car

Tramontana Luxury Cars

If you haven’t heard of Tramontana, they are an independent European luxury car maker in Costa Brava, Spain, who manufacture the exclusive Tramontana exotic car.  The Tramontana is a mesh of a Formula 1 racecar and a fighter jet, handmade with the precision of a surgeon.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged V12 engine kicking out 720 horses, the entirety of the exotic car is comprised of only the finest luxury materials (think carbon fiber).  This would make an exhilarating exotic rental car, especially on the track!  The entire bodywork is carbon fiber, making it a lightweight, lustworthy speed-demon…the only thing missing are wings!  The luxurious carbon fiber drips into the cabin, total eye candy.


Tramontana Luxury Cars Spain

That is because the Tramontana was clearly inspired by fighter jets and racecars.  Production for this hypercar is extremely limited, with just 12 units emerging annually, with a price tag of around $500,000.  So good luck getting your hands on the wheel of this brand, even in luxury car concept form!

Tramontana Luxury Car

This luxury car embodies a revolutionary concept that introduces technical precision, personalized design and superior craftsmanship.  Labeled ‘The ultimate vehicle of desire, emotion and excitement’, this is certainly an exotic carmaker to keep tabs on!


•    12 cylinder V 60 Biturbo
•    5.513 cm3 displacement
•    720 horsepower @ 5.250 rpm
•    Max torque 890 Nm at 3.500 rpm, 1.100 Nm @ 4.000 rpm
•    Transmission longitudinal mid engine
•    Rear wheel drive

Tramontana Luxury Cars

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