Twitter Tells Us Blackberry or iPhone

Imagine Lifestyles has an ongoing debate about which is better the Blackberry or iPhone.  In the office we go back and forth and each side holds firm ground.  It’s not like converting religions or is it?  Imagine Lifestyles took it to a public vote, and what better way then Twitter. Imagineluxury, which is the Imagine Lifestyles Twitter account, asked Twitter-ers the age old question Blackberry? or iPhone? For the record, I am all about the iPhone but didn’t vote out of fairness to ya’ll. My editor sticks strongly by the BlackBerry but I didn’t let her vote either.

RT @imagineluxury If you had a choice between Blackberry or new iPhone which one would you choose?6:11 PM Jun 8th from web

We were shocked by the number of votes and comments, seems people resort to Twitter to quench boredom.  Some Twitter voters tried to convince Blackberry users to unite the vote; others got down right dirty to stir the crowd; and then, a few suggested other phones.  Here are some of the more amusing comments:

Arab305Icon_lock@ImagineLuxury Blackberry all day 4sho iphone is a kids fone u should fire all employees dat like iphone lol7:48 AM Jun 9th from SocialScope in reply to ImagineLuxury

AlaiaL@ImagineLuxury Iphone Tipee!! is does EVERYthing and it is SOOO easy!! i don’t have to figure it out!12:27 PM Jun 10th from TweetDeck in reply to ImagineLuxury

cigaradventures@ImagineLuxury Actually, you’ve completely left out the best of the new phones… The new Palm is out soon. Love my iPhone though…11:15 PM Jun 8th from TwitterFon in reply to ImagineLuxury

AlaiaL@ImagineLuxury Iphone Tipee!! is does EVERYthing and it is SOOO easy!! i don’t have to figure it out!
12:27 PM Jun 10th from TweetDeck in reply to ImagineLuxury

The debate got so heated that Blackberry versus iPhone may just be one of those topics to avoid, like religion, politics or abortion. Big news is the new Apple 3GS iPhone which is being released today, with a copy/paste feature, thank god! Apple stores around the country will be hotter than Miami in August, with stupid-long lines. We have to give it to the iPhone for fantastic internet and apps. Plus, a touch screen that Blackberry can’t touch (the Storm). Still, the iPhone lacks the email exactness of Blackberry and, obviously, Blackberry Messenger. Crackberry users can’t get enough BBM. We can’t help but notice that as Apple pushes ahead, fixing mistakes, upgrading and re-releasing the iPhone; RIM seems to be moving backwards with current Blackberry models, Bold and Storm. From a user-standpoint, the Bold and Storm lack the battery stamina to get through a full day.  Then again, the iPhone usually needs a mid-afternoon battery recharge too. Perhaps that’s just the trade-off of a multi-featured, multi-faceted handheld.  RIM needs to step it up and iPhone has hopefully figured out a way to get the iPhones out faster today. The question of best is hard to answer, the debate becomes about needs and lifestyle. What is clear, is that anything other then a Blackberry or iPhone is so last century! Get with this century and get a Blackberry, iPhone or, even better, both!

Now which phone got the vote?  Drum Roll please,  the iphone took it with only ONE more vote.  As it stands according to Twitter the iPhone is on top but by such a small margin it’s actually nutty.  RIM and Apple will have to keep upgrading and revamping models to keep the masses happy and therein lies the American spirit.  Competition will drive the companies to push harder, produce better and bring consumer costs down. In the end, whether it is Blackberry or iPhone we are all winners, and as winners we will continue to get kick ass technology.  Keep the comments coming and public opinion will continue to shape better, badder phones!

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