The Ugliest Mercedes Benz Unleashed, or the Coolest?

Did anyone else notice the Mercedes-Benz R500, aka the Imprint RLS back in 2007?  If no, here is a special fallback, and if so, a revisit to one of the world’s most interesting luxury vehicles:

Mercedes R550

Mercedes Benz R550

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Mercedes R550 Luxury Car

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This Mercedes R-Class is an MPV/SUV crossover that was offered by DaimlerChrysler in 2006 under the Mercedes-Benz brand.  This model flaunts not only a unique physique, but houses the core Alpine IMPRINT sound technology.

R550 Mercedes

Inside of the R550 Mercedes, inhabitants are instantly puzzled by the presence of a centrally located leather steering wheel, and gas/brake pedals on both front seats.  Oh yes, this luxury beast not only sounds great thanks to Alpine, but it can be driven from either front seat…Hello, Europe!  There are two doors on the R550, and each front seat is connected to the door…and comes out when the door is opened, which looks futuristic, though the safety aspect is questionable.

The IMPRINT RLS began as the Mercedes Benz R500, and gradually morphed into an advancement by Alpine’s advanced Application R&D team, as well as a luxury car that continues to captivate and confuse.

Mercedes R550

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