Ugly Exotic of the Month-Porsche 911 Dipped in Gold

Gold Porsche 911Gold.  It has been the symbol of wealth and prosperity for most of time, and yet, it still manages to fulfill new purposes-like drawing attention to an object that attracts enough on its own.  Meet the gold-plated Porsche 911.

Let me begin by saying that in my research, I was unable to determine if the gold is real or simply paint-but it still merits mention for novelty purposes alone. 

Gold chains are a popular method to earn respect and display your wealth in the music industry, and now someone in Russia has taken it more than a step further-effectively bedazzling his poor innocent Porsche 911 into a reflective oblivion.  What an eyesore…Porsche 911 Gold Spoiler

It would seem this is an effective way to gain attention, as it is mentioned quite frequently in the blogosphere.  The burning question is if it is the rumored 18k gold, or some form of special paint intended to fool us and toy with our gearhead emotions.  If it is real, it would require bodyguards, and do you wash it with jewelry cleaner?  The questions come in rapid succession.  This would be an exotic rental car FAIL.  Relax, you can avoid this mess and indulge in our Porsche 911 rental, which is easier on the eyes and wallet.

So here is the challenge to our awesome fanbase, try to discover if this is a myth, or if some sorry someone seriously coated their Porsche with gold…and leave the comments below to wow us with your detective skills.  

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