Is a New UK Auto Show Starting Up in 2016?

Some say that automakers are starting to drift away from the tradition of auto shows, but that seems too tragic to comprehend (Let’s be real–just because Volvo wants out of them hardly indicates death for the overall practice). Some also say the Stig from Top Gear is the most mysterious being on the planet, which is made even more enticing by the rumor that a new UK auto show could be starting up as early as next year! UK Auto ShowThe British Motor Show was last held in 2008. Should it start back up after an 8 year hiatus? Some say it is looking like that could be the case in 2016. 

It seems ludacris that a UK auto show has not always existed. But wait, the British Motor Show stopped in 2008 for some reason. The UK is home to Top Gear, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus, Austin Healey and a plethora of other distinctive automotive joys–making the revival of own auto show a logical undertaking. The show would be hosted in London, of course, and in true British form should be quite detail oriented, hands-on and educational. The British are very direct, a trait that makes their automotive presence just that much more enjoyable. There will be more details leaking out, but so far the show is to be held in early May of 2016 in London’s Battersea Park. That is the very same location as the Formula E EV racing series season finale.

UK Auto Show

Overall, it seems the best MC for the upcoming UK Auto Show (or will it remain the British Motor Show?) would be Jeremy Clarkson himself, flanked by James May and Richard Hammond. That is just my humble hope and opinion, though I am sure the BBC would have the chaps on scene for the duration of the show.

UK Auto Show

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