Valentine’s Day is OVER

Valentine’s Day Blues?

You just spent a few hundred dollars on dinner and some flowers and got the old lady off your back for at least a month.  Ready to do something for yourself?  Let Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch take care of it and set you up with a once in a lifetime experience behind the wheel of an exotic rental car.


In all honesty, we understand sometimes you have to bite the bullet and keep the lady happy.  Valentine’s Day is a necessary evil and is dealt with to keep the relationship on solid ground.  Flying down Lake Shore Drive in a Lamborghini rental car or a Ferrari rental car is the perfect way to relieve some stress and enjoy some guy time.  If you’re feeling extra special, maybe take her for a ride around the block before you head to the golf course.

Chicago Sick Cars

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch has everything you need to get the ultimate thrill of driving some of the most exotic and expensive cars in the world.  Nothing compares to the rush of hearing the V-12 engine fire up; sitting with the steering wheel and paddles waiting for you to take control.  An exotic car rental Chicago from Imagine Lifestyles is just a phone call away, and is guaranteed to be an incredible experience.