Venet Bugatti Veyron is a Calculated Work of Art

When commissioned to imprint the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport with his artistic prowess, French artist Bernar Venet initially declined. Venet suffered serious doubts that he, a celebrated artist worldwide, could even improve upon such an enigmatic piece of machinery. Eventually inspiration (and perhaps a bit of nudging) prevailed, and the result is nothing short of fascinating! While the Venet Bugatti Veyron is certainly no Bugatti Blanc Noir, it does demand attention in the weirdest way!

Venet Bugatti Veyron

If something does not add up, you may be interested to know the source of this very strange Bugatti bodywork! It is coated with the very equations from which it was created.

The numbers covering the exterior of the Bugatti may confuse at first, but they represent the formulas used to create the supercar. The equations were strategically placed on the car to create the illusion that they are being blown off of it by sheer speed. The numbers are missing from the front, to indicate that they have been blown off entirely. Venet combined the notions of speed and engineering to depict the birth of the model for his special edition version.

Venet Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron by Venet features:

  • Perhaps the strangest exterior on an exotic car, ever. Please share photos on our Facebook if you find something more interesting from an artistic perspective.
  • The leather interior also features the same equations emblazoned on the exterior, pulling the project together as a solid piece of art.
  • The oil and fuel caps are metal and feature Venet’s artist stamp, a series of lines.

Bugatti by Venet

Exquisite detail

Venet Bugatti Veyron


This special edition Bugatti was on display recently during Art Basel in Miami Beach, which ended on December 9th.  If there were ever a venue where this style of Bugatti would fit in seamlessly, it would be the Art Basel.

The clip above provides in-depth details and features Venet discussing his vision and creation 

Special edition Bugatti Veyron

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