Vertu Ascent Ti 3G

Nokia’s premier mobile phone division, Vertu, has just released the Ascent Ti. The Ascent Ti is a 3G, quad-band GSM mobile phone. The first reason to consider purchasing this phone is because it has Vertu Fortress technology. A no nonsense remote server in an ex-military bunker that will automatically backup all your personal cell phone data. Fabulous news for all you people that have a few too many drinks on occasion and wake up phone-less. The second reason as to why the Vertu Ascent Ti mobile is worth considering is for its concierge service. Yes, the Vertu Ascent Ti is equipped with a button that provides a 24-hour worldwide concierge service. Similar to the $310,000 "Signature Cobra" and $88,000 "Diamond" concierge service, the "Ascent Ti" is just $6,628. It is yet to be determined if the concierge services are comparable, heres to hoping the service isn’t as cheap as it sounds. Plus, the Ascent Ti has a 3MP camera, a titanium body,  and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face. A permanent cowhide leather backing comes in different colors and is probably the ugliest part on the Ascenti Ti. Looks aren’t everything, though, especially when you have an information fail-safe and a concierge service at your finger tips. You may like it but we will be stick with our Blackberrys and iPhones, thank you.