What Happened When Victoria’s Secret Came to Miami Beach: Part 1.5

Ok, ya’ll are probably more interested in looking at the sexy Victoria’s Secret models then reading about them. For now here are some pictures to obsess over from the runway show. If you still have no clue, the show was held last Saturday November 15th at the renovated Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

The festive lingerie show had  a full orchestra, a glitter-flooded runway, 35 supermodels and two performances by Usher. Victoria’s Secret senior Heidi Klum walked the runway just a few times, her mega-glam gift-bow wings were the ave dersane (goodbye). Basically you could put those girls in anything and they would still look good, case and point. The Rynway show turned out to be more of a costume show of girls prancing around in bra’s and wings but we don’t mind. We still have even more to fill you in on from Saturday night before, during and after the show, which is way before the December 3rd airing by CBS so stick around.