Video: Bijan Bugatti Veyron Displays Designer’s Luxury Car Legacy

This video shows all angles of the glorious yellow and black Bijan-inspired Bugatti in LA!

Bijan Pakzad was among the most expensive and exclusive fashion designers in the world, so it makes sense that he preferred expensive and exclusive luxury cars.  Bijan passed away April 16th, and the Bugatti Veyron is now the last luxury vehicle to receive his special touch!  Perhaps Beyonce’s Bugatti gift to Jay-Z should have been this super-exclusive supercar?


Bijan Rolls Royce yellow

Bijan’s bright yellow Rolls Royce was often parked in front of his LA store

Bijan's LA Store

Bijan’s LA Store

Bijan would occasionally partner with automakers to incorporate certain models with his signature style and flair.  Recently, Bugatti paid tribute to the eccentric Bijan in the form of a video that reveals to the world the special edition Bijan Bugatti, completed mere weeks prior to his passing.

Just last year Bijan he partnered with Rolls Royce to create the special edition Phantom Drophead coupe, complete with a $1 million dollar price tag! Clearly yellow and black are both signature auto colors for Bijan, a trend that can be traced through exotic cars he has owned, like his signature yellow Rolls Royce. 

 Clip showing how quickly Bijan’s yellow Rolls Royce can remove its top

For the Bijan Bugatti, the reflective high-gloss polished aluminum aesthetics are interrupted by signature yellow slices through the center of the Bugatti Veyron from the hood, drenches the interior, drips down to the wheels and exits across the back and tail pipes.  Exquisite carbon fiber detailing and a built-in iPad complete the sporty and upscale vibe.

Bijan had a talent for creating and a fondness for beautiful cars, hence his 23-car Beverly Hills garage!  The designer’s luxury car collection featured Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari and many more. 





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