Video: Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car–Lights Blazing on Track!

I have mentioned the lucky law enforcement officials around the globe fortunate enough to be graced with a supercar or two in their fleet, such as Korea police supercars and Italy. Now you can see Italy’s police Lamborghini in action on the track, lights blazing!

Korean Police Supercar Fleet

Korean Police Supercar Fleet

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 is used by Italian police officers to patrol highways and to transport human organs for transplants. I can think of no better/faster land method to transport transplant organs than via supercar…how noble! I just worry about the likelihood of organ spillage in such a fast car…this would be tragic for both recipient and Lamborghini.

What do you think of the use of luxury and exotic vehicles by law enforcement officials? I assume it works well to mentally intimidate those wielding the wheel of a standard car out of attempting to flee!

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