Video: McLaren MP4-12C Defeats Ferrari 458 Italia Time at Nurburgring

I love the McLaren MP4-12C. I love the Ferrari 458 Italia. I love watching video footage of both cars on the Nurburgring! Unfortunately for Ferrari, their newest stable mate fell 5 seconds short of the McLaren at the prominent racetrack. (Video at bottom of post!)

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

The MP4-12C has been tested around the world, but in the world of supercars, they are just not proven for durability and performance until they meet the grueling Nurburgring and claim the appropriate bragging rights. What is perhaps more embarrassing for Ferrari is that McLaren simply used a production-ready car to see how it performed on its first official timed run at the famous track. I can feel that shiny red coat on the 458 blushing even harder…

The McLaren scaled the Nurburgring Nordscleife in 7 minutes and 28 seconds with Pirelli test driver Rudi Adams driving. The car was sporting Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, of course. I am not saying that the Ferrari 458’s time was terrible, only that the McLaren stomped its arse by 5 seconds, which is an eternity in racing.

In the above video, you get a driver’s seat point of view of the unbelievable track that is the Nurburgring, it is truly awesome and the acoustics are insane!

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