Video of the Top 10 Funny and Unique Rolls Royce Pictures

So you are rollin’ in a Rolls Royce luxury car, you big shot.  If you are lucky enough to slide behind the wheel of one of the world’s finest exotic cars, including a Rolls Royce or Rolls Royce rental, we hope you exercise better judgment than some of the individuals in this video!

1.    This classic Rolls Royce found its way into a swimming pool!  While this appears to be an upscale property, no one wants to see about $400,000 to $500,000 saturated with chlorine…I can only assume alcohol played a role in this disaster!

2.    I do not believe that Rolls Royce was consulted prior to this custom paint disaster.  This custom Rolls Royce paintjob could not be further from the classic look the company is known for, going instead for a loud and racy circus feel-a true eyesore!  If this were a Rolls Royce rental, I have a feeling it would eventually sport spider webs in that luxury grille and a nice coat of dust.

3.    A Rolls sporting huge Mariah Carey likenesses…enough said.  What’s next, a Mary-Kay Rolls in fuchsia?

4.    This Rolls seems to have rolled its way into the house…as a decoration?  A true brand fan can be quite quirky when it comes to expressing love for their choice of luxury cars.

5.    It seems that this owner failed to realize that a luxury supercar like a Rolls Royce is exquisite enough on its own, and that an intricate paintjob like this is a complete overkill!

6.    Check out this Rolls Royce!  It doubles as a snow-sled!  Are you kidding me?  

7.    Just what every exotic and luxury rental car fanatic has been waiting for-the safari edition Rolls Royce!  Barbie would be jealous.

8.    This is what can happen if you carelessly park your $400,000 luxury car in the wrong neighborhood!  If you can afford a Rolls, you can afford to valet.

9.    This Rolls resembles a hearse, and also doubles as a U-Haul, what more can you ask for?  

10.      Again, leaving that much money perched at a parking meter is just inviting disaster…a jealous passerby could scratch it, or it could be door-dinged, costing thousands in retouching.  This is not a Honda Accord; it is a freaking Rolls Royce and should be protected like one!







Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals