Video: A Very Bugatti Birthday Includes SS Edition Mereveillux!

I do not know who Simon is, but he received a very special birthday video from Bugatti to thank him for his Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Merveilleux purchase! What do you think of the carbon and chrome? This makes a fantastic gift idea, remember when Beyoncé gifted a Bugatti to Jay Z? Nothing spells love like the fastest and most expensive hypercar on the market!

Simon in China apparently treated himself to the Veyron SS Edition Merveilleux to celebrate his 40th birthday. To show their appreciation, the good people at Bugatti sent Simon the above video along with his new prized possession. Many in the video mention time spent with this Simon character, so one is left to assume he is quite an important somebody!

For some reason I am reminded of Asian billionaire entrepreneur Stanley Ho, whom shelled out $330,000 for the most expensive truffles around this time last year. For that price, one could have a brand new exotic sports car in the driveway!

Bugatti Veyron SS Mereveilleux

The flawless showcar

So what is so special about the Mereveilleux Veyron SS? It boasts a spectacular exposed carbon fiber body with chrome detailing and exclusive black wheels. Inside, the cabin is coated with blue leather and the black “Super Sport” logo along the headrests…just in case you forgot as you slid in. The engine specifications remain the same as the standard SS—a W16 engine kicking out 1,200 furious horses. It just feels strange to refer to an engine like that as “standard”…

The Bugatti Veyron SS typically sells for around $2 million USD, so it is safe to assume that Simon paid well above that marker for the ultra-luxe Edition Mereveilleux! Is there a more potent word for jealous?

Veyron Super Sport Merveilleux Edition

Veyron SS Edition Mereveilleux

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