VIP At Chicago Auto Show

First Look For Charity At Chicago Auto Show

Hit up the nation’s longest running auto show this year in ultimate style and luxury at the First Look For Charity Gala taking place February 10th, 2011.  Bust out your tuxedo for the black tie event that features a behind the scenes look at one of the best auto shows in the country. This is one event exotic rental car companies, celebrities and car enthusiast will be attending. 


Chicago Auto Show

This year the Auto Show will have a theme relating to the Greatest Auto Race on Earth, which took place in 1908.  The First Look For Charity gala will also work this theme into their party as well offering up cuisines from various cities and regions the race went through.  The gala will also feature musical guests and two chances to win a free car.  Tickets for the event are $250 but $203 is tax-deductible as a charity donation so you have no excuse to miss it. 

Chicago Auto Show

Any car lovers knows how exciting auto shows are and this event gives you a chance to see the entire show with a limited crowd while sipping champagne.  Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch is expecting big things from the automakers at this years show.  We can’t wait to go check out the latest rides and see what  to add to our fleet of Chicago luxury car rentals.


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