Vogue, Imagine & Naomi Cambell

A month ago, at Imagine Lifestyles, were called upon by Vogue for a Bentley Flying Spur. Vogue needed the luxury vehicle for a photo shoot Friday, starring Naomi Cambell. We, of course delivered and so at 8 am on Friday found ourselves at Opa Locka’s private airport. The shoot was full scale for Cambell, caterers, two trailers, back up nail technicians and all the essentials.  Naomi Cambell’s Escalade drove up and the atmosphere became somewhat somber. She got out of the car, walked to the tent and browsed over the food selection, to our surprise she was smiling. Cambell wore ripped blue jeans, a white t-shirt and little black vest with her signature long hair flowing. Cambell took a small plate and disappeared into the trailers for two hours.


She re-emerged in a beautiful white dress, wig and nails done, thus indicating that it was time to begin. The actual photo shoot went for just about an hour. Naomi pretending to get off a private jet, our Bentley in the background and a troop of servants in the foreground with her. Fake assistant, body guards, pilots, driver all dressed in black without make-up to offset rather than outdo Cambell in her white designer dress.

The shoot wrapped, we took our Bentley home to our luxury car garage, and Cambell & co moved to the next location at the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach. Vogue’s spread with Naomi Cambell will be in May’s issue and we will be hoping the next shoot we are called upon features Marissa Miller or Kate Moss.