VW Pedals Down On Porsche Deal

Volkswagen has finally finalized the purchase of Porsche, following a 7-year itch full of twists and turns (lucky number 7?). VW AG is now officially the proud parent of Porsche auto brand, a privilege that set them back to the tune of $5.52 billion bucks. Think of it as a large scale auto adoption process, including Audi and Ducati.

VW Porsche

VW shelled out billions to the Porsche SE holding company for a stake in Porsche AG and full ownership of the brand

VW Porsche

VW’s business strategy is similar to the above photo

Some may not realize just how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie VW is when it comes to enlarging its family. To date, the brand has purchased 12 nameplates, ranging from luxury cars to Ducati motorcycles to 40-ton trucks.
Ownership has its privileges…just do not abuse them and produce a poor Porsche, VW!

VW Porsche

What went down

Rumors state that the ambitious VW CEO, Martin Winterkorn, aims to overtake the leading large players in the auto industry by 2018. Who is next on their upscale itinerary?

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