Want to Hear the Roar of Your Favorite Supercar Anytime? There is an App For That

A new app from iSupercar Sounds for various Apple iOS products boasts 30 minutes of the sweetest sounds from your favorite supercars.  You can get the luxury car sound clips, high resolution wallpapers of stunning exotic cars and just kick back and drool at your new sensory addiction.  For the real thing, just give us a call and select your favorite Miami exotic rental car.

There is a free version of the supercar sounds with 30 minutes of ad-supported clips, and there is also a full version for $0.99 with 30 additional supercar sounds.  iSupercar Sounds states that they will update weekly with additional luxury car sounds. 

For under a buck, this is a cool app, featuring the acoustic rumblings of the following super luxury cars:

•    Alfa Romeo
•    Ariel
•    Aston Martin
•    Audi
•    BMW
•    Cadillac
•    Chevrolet
•    Caparo
•    Bentley
•    Bugatti
•    Ferrari
•    Maserati
•    Lamborghini
•    Koenigsegg
•    Mercedes
•    Porsche
•    McLaren
•    And many more!

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Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals