Watch a Lamborghini Nearly Clip an Audi!

It can be a bit of a challenge to see while backing up in a supercar like a Lamborghini, but this driver was apparently completely blind! Perhaps it was the blind pop singer who drove the Ferrari 182 miles per hour last year? Seriously though, watch the clip below and you will cringe at how close the Lambo comes to the Audi. Video at bottom of post!

Lamborghini and Audi

Lamborghini and Audi

Notice how the Lamborghini driver is showing out in the beginning of the video, pulling forward and back again. Then smoke begins to pile out of the supercar, and perhaps from the ears of the impatient driver, who then decides that the line is too slow and proceeds to back out…without looking! This close call could have ended quite differently, and I am pleased it was captured on film to amuse all of us!

Watch the 50 second clip above for full throttle amusement!


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