We Have A Winner-“What Amazing Things Should You Do In Your Lifetime” Blog Contest Winner Is Selected

James Bond Aston MartinHello to our fun and faithful fan base! First of all, before announcing the winner to the blog contest, I feel it is necessary to say that it was a very challenging feat for us at Imagine Lifestyles to select a winner; we were overjoyed to receive so much feedback, and so many absolutely fabulous responses from all of you!  Yet, it is a contest, and there is a winner.  Drumroll please…

The winner of this particular blog contest is “The Detailor”, whose entry titled “A Day of Bond…James Bond”, snagged our imaginations.  (You can read the winning entry below).  The Detailor can now weild his savvy new iPod Shuffle, courtesy of Imagine Lifestyles.  While we enjoyed the volume of unique responses, we feel that this reader took it to the next level, offering up extreme enthusiasm and originality.  The entry was bold, very “Bondish”, entertaining to read, creative and unique.  Overall, it was well thought out and a fitting to the challenge we bestowed upon you all. 

We will be holding another blog contest soon, and can’t wait to interact with you, our readers, once again.  We feel lucky to have such an incredible variety of readership.  We would love to watch “The Detailor” live out this James Bond experience, and assume it would resemble the strikingly poised Bond, pictured here with an Aston Martin.

“A Day of Bond….James Bond

You wake up in a beautiful hotel suite with a European antique feel and modern amenities. Lying next to a beautiful person of whom you wrapped up yesterdays adventure with. A hot cup of tea awaits, but before you can get a drink, your having to evade a predator who bursts from the closet bearing ninja gear. The chase is on! Out the window you jump, wearing only your underwear, and land 5 stories down into the pool. The crowd watches in amazement as you leap from the water and over the banister you go into the bush. Down the hill you find your Lamborghini waiting with the thumbprint id and start capabilities. Fire it up and tearing into the pavement, now you’re being pursued by 4 or no, 5 motorcycles with fully automatic weapons firing at your ride. It’s o.k. Because the company will pick up the tab. Riddled with bullet holes the Lambo has smashed multiple parked cars, jumped curbs, taken out a few local vendor booths and sidewalk cafes, and seems to be ready to become a great opportunity for your leap platform onto the bad guys helicopter rope ladder. Around 90 mph you tactfully make the commitment and send the Lambo flying off the cliff in a ball of fire while landing a one handed grip on the ladder and dangle hundreds of feet above wine country ravines. Making your way to the helis cockpit you throw multiple bad ninjas to their demise and diffuse the pilot from his seat with a quick chop to the neck. You own this adventure and it only continues with an unlimited budget and a waking the next morning in another suite, maybe on a yacht, or another hotel room but for sure there is a beautiful person lying next to you…And a ninja in the closet!”

-The Detailor

What Amazing Things Should You Do In Your Lifetime?


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