Wealthy Chinese Women Swiping Exotic Cars Like Credit Cards

Chinese Women Buy Luxury Cars

The exotic car and luxury car market is thriving in China and India, as the number of wealthy individuals continues to grow and they continue to invest in luxury vehicles and exotic car rentals.  But did you know that a disproportionate number of exotic car purchases China are made by women?  Yes, it seems Chinese women are swiping up some of the best supercars and exotic cars on the market faster than they swipe their credit cards!


Maserati Sales China

Whether the luxury cars are a status symbol for the women of China, an accessory, or they just cant resist the intoxicating scent of new leather, it is certainly good news for exotic car manufacturers.  This offers manufacturers a new demographic to cater to, well-heeled Chinese women.  The increasing affluent population of China has led to sales increases for exotic car brands across the board, with total high-end automobile sales climbing 60 percent.

Luxury Car Sales China

Chinese Women Invest in Luxury Cars

Luxury brand Maserati reported that 30 percent of its exotic car sales in China were women, compared to just 10 percent in the European market.  China’s wealthy women account for 20 percent of local Ferrari sales, double the global average.  Lamborghini and other exotic brands are doing well on the Chinese market, which has captured the attention of other luxury auto brands like Bugatti and Volkswagen, who may enter the Chinese luxury auto market to compete in the near future.



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