This Week in Chicago

This Week in Chicago: October 4th – October 10th

Looking for something to do this Sunday before football starts?  You might have to set your alarm a little earlier than normal for a Sunday but it will be worth it when you realize the commitment being put forth by so many others this weekend.  The Chicago marathon is back and once again this year the maximum number of participants was reached.  On Sunday at 7:30 AM, 45,000 people will embark on a 26.2-mile journey through the city.  Each contestant will have their own reason for running, whether it be to honor a fallen loved one, to raise money for a charity, or possibly to win the race. 

Chicago MarathonSince registration filled up in April for this event, there will unfortunately be no last minute entries.   The event is sure to be another huge success for the city of Chicago, as runners from across the world will be looking to capture the crown.  The Chicago marathon is arguably the 3rd most popular race in the United States after Boston and New York City.  Many Midwest runners will use their Chicago marathon times to qualify for the New York and Boston races.  The Chicago marathon is extremely fan-friendly and offers numerous different ways to watch friends and family members participating.  I am sure many runners will pass our some of our fleet of Chicago exotic rental cars

Whether or not you are a big runner, seeing these dedicated athletes achieve their goals is a great experience and all the runners would love to see some support from Chicago residents.  Imagine Lifestyles will not be participating this year but we will be showing our support for numerous friends and family members who have chosen to run this year.  Visit the Chicago marathon website this week and pick your place to watch the race and come cheer on some of Chicago’s finest this weekend.  There should be no excuse for getting out of bed considering all you have to do is sit there and cheer.  It could be worse, some people will actually be running the whole time.


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