What Amazing Things Should You Do In Your Lifetime? Best Comment Wins iPod Shuffle, No Obligation

We want to know your thoughts and your contribution to our quest to find out what the coolest things to do in your lifetime are!  We at Imagine Lifestyles are compelled to compile a “bucket list” of sorts (minus Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) Next Generation iPod Shuffleto help us discern what our friends and readers deem obligatory events to increase the level of awesome in their everyday lives; and to ensure that their life does not pass by in a mundane manner, but rather an exhilarated and enlightening one!

That is where you come in! We want to know what people are doing to make their lives more fulfilling and exciting.  These are the contributions of some of our staff, which you will be adding to:

Ryan Safady:  To attend a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles when they win it all

Jared Jukel:  Flying private!Bucket List

Kristy Sullivan:  Touring Europe in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

No day should be wasted, and sometimes we forget the things that reside in the backs of our minds that we really wish to do, in the grind of everyday responsibilities.  Sometimes the best things in life can be simple, like a weekend getaway paired with a luxury rental car South Beach style, and others can be a unique recommendation from a friend. 

In that spirit, we challenge you to please add to our list of “Amazing Things You Should Do in Your Lifetime”.  To enter, simply add your contribution in the form of a comment on this blog post.

To make things interesting, our winner will receive the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle, the 1G ultra-portable clip-on iPod for those on the go-capable of storing up to approximately 250 songs with an insanely lengthy battery life between charging.  The iPod Shuffle is a $49 value and color may vary. There is no obligatory registration; this is entirely free will. 

Remember as you leave your comments that your email will not be visible to anyone but us, and that it will be used solely to contact you in the event that you are the winner.  The deadline for this contest is September 30th, and the staff of Imagine Lifestyles will be voting for a winner based on a the following criteria: originality, creativity and degree of appeal (i.e. awesomeness) Thanks for your time, and we are ready to see your thought provoking responses! 

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