What Do You Think of Obama’s Back to School Address?

Obama Back to School SpeechAs long as there have been Presidents, there has been controversial chatter about their abilities and agendas.  Even after a President finishes their term, they remain in the public eye for the rest of their lives.  Former Presidents make millions giving speeches after they leave office, because people continue to hold them in the highest regard.

To give you a clue on just how much income former Presidents enjoy from public speaking, let’s take a look at Bill Clinton.  Bill made a whopping $31 million dollars giving speeches from 2001 to 2005 alone, a figure which is disclosed in his wife’s Senate ethics reports. With prestige and the experience of holding the nation’s highest office comes a lofty price tag.

Let’s use this knowledge to consider Obama’s “Welcome Back to School” speech and the onslaught that followed.  Obama did not receive compensation for this speech, but rather constructed it out of a concern for education, yet he faced much opposition.  School officials were giving parents the choice to “opt out” of allowing their children to even view their President’s speech. 

To further the matter, during Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress, Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina actually shouted out, “You Lie!”  Is Joe Wilson trying to push his adjenda or up his ante for public speaking?

What are your thoughts on these and other political and financial hot topics?  You can comment on this blog to share your ideas.

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