What the Hell? A Four-Door Ferrari?

As outlandish at it seems, four-door luxury coupes are timidly emerging as an increasing market niche.  Previously a miniscule sector of the automotive market, luxury cars like the Mercedes CLS were among the pioneers that began pushing the four-door sedan to the forefront.  So who is following suit?  Ferrari?  Really?

Four Door Ferrari CoupeYes, in the wake of commercial success by the Mercedes CLS and a few brave souls, indications show that the Prancing Horses are prepping to add additional entrances and exits.  Previously ruled out in the past, rumors are running wild that the luxury carmaker is having a change of heart.

Plans for the four-door Ferrari are based on the replacement for the 612 Scaglietti, which is scheduled to emerge onto the market in 2012.  The 2012 Scaglietti will boast the company’s first hybrid system, but will feature only two doors.  Imagine a Ferrari that features both four doors and a hybrid powertrain, a first for both endeavors.  The future looks green and roomy for this luxe car company.  This is a perfect vehicle to add to a fleet of Miami exotic rental cars.

But would it detract from the looks of a Ferrari supercar?  If designed properly, it may be possible to keep it sporty.  As far as the market, it would certainly open it up to more people, as the current two door models are a bit constricting.  The back seats could double as storage space, something the two-door lacks, and gives owners more options, like picking up friends for dinner or from the airport.  Freedom is a key selling point for a luxury or exotic rental car, the more options the better.   I would just hate to see it start to resemble a BMW, Mercedes or other luxury sedan, because Ferraris are intended to stand apart.  At this point I am picturing invisi-doors that are barely visible but fold out when the front two doors are opened. 

Ferrari is not alone in its mentality, as multiple luxury car brands are also heading into the four-door coupe lane, with models emerging like the Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin Rapide and previously mentioned Mercedes CLS.  I feel certain more exotic car cards will hit the table, with fresh designs and potential.  The Lamborghini Estoque four-door coupe concept may even have the green light to hit production!  This is all very new; I am keeping an open mind about it as long as the companies continue to produce sexy two door original style coupes.


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