What is the World and Prada Coming to? Hard Times Call for Hyundai, No Way

No one really cared when Subaru and L.L. Bean hooked up. Or blinked when Mercury and Nautica collaborated. Even Levis Edition Jeeps weren’t that, that cool.

Now get this, South Korean car maker Hyundai and Italian fashion house Prada are hooking up. A few years back when economic times were good, this would have been a laughable, probably disasterous decision on Prada’s part. Having said that, being in the great depression has upped Hyundai’s ante, fill in the blanks yourself.

Hyundai’s new Genesis sedan is considered upscale now, enough for Prada though? We thought Prada was hungry for attention but with more research found that the house was just being Philanthropic. Thank god the economy hasn’t fully messed up the high-fashion universe.

This coming April, Hyundai will highlight one of only three Prada Genesis sedans at the Seoul Motor show in Korea. The other two Prada furnished Genesis’ will be auctioned off for charity at the Prada Transformer show. Transformer is a standout project, which will be unveiled and hosted all by Prada, in Seoul, South Korea, this summer. Transformer is a tetrahedron structure in lieu of a theater that will house cultural, artistic and fashion events. Thus, the Hyundai Genesis begins to make more sense, South Korean carmaker, South Korean Show, get it?

The Transformer building will be able to be rotated on each side, with four different facades and floor plate configurations. Thus, floors become walls and walls become the ceiling depending on which event is to be displayed.

All we know is that the buyers of the Prada Genesis cars should expect some of the best leather seats ever and to pay way more for a Hyundai then should even be legal. We applaud the charitable efforts but will never get over the idea of precious Prada in a Hyundai Genesis sedan, gross.