Where Is My New Luxury Car?

Luxury Car Inventories Fading Fast

Don’t expect to actually leave the dealership with the car of your dreams next time you are in the market for a new luxury car or SUV.  Ever since the market and economy as a whole crashed, car manufacturers have been trying to implement new methods for dealerships to sell cars.  Manufacturers are now looking for dealerships to basically sell the car before it arrives on the lot, lessening the risks of having excess inventory clogging up the sales floor and destroying profit margins.

Mercedes Benz Lot

Consumers shopping for new luxury cars this holiday season might be putting a picture under the tree instead of actually driving the car home from the lot to surprise that special someone.  With such low inventories, most consumers are now waiting up to 4-6 weeks for their car to arrive.  One positive that comes from this new sales strategy is that consumers now have the ability to customize their own car, which seems right anyways when you might be paying upwards of $60,000 for the vehicle. 


Ford Dealership Lot

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago has seen this new sales approach affect consumers first hand here in the Midwest with more and more clients requesting test-drives in some of our luxury and exotic rental cars.  The dealerships oftentimes do not have the model or style the client wants on site so the client is coming to us essentially looking for an extended test drive.  It seems unfair to the consumer, but luxury car manufacturers are not changing their approach anytime soon. Although strange to most people, this new, almost custom mail-order approach selling cars appears to be how the luxury car business will operate going forward. It is going to be interesting on how we add new cars to our fleet of Chicago luxury car rentals. Good thing we are used to ordering out cars as our fleet of Chicago Ferrari rental cars and Lamborghini Chicago rental cars are almost always custom ordered.    

 Although the consumer might not like the process, they still are going to buy the luxury car rather than take their business to the Ford dealership across the street.


Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals