Which Woman Will Crash the Ferrari 355?

Watch as Fifth Gear hosts “Girls Aloud”…a clever program involving hot girls and fast exotic sports cars, a pairing that has worked smashingly for eons. This particular incident, however, left the team grinding all 5 gears! So which of the five stunning beauties will crash the Ferrari 355 and then have the steel nerve to smile? Scroll down for video

Fifth Gear Ferrari Crash
The predicament stunned onlookers! In the clip he says, "The damage could have been a lot worse, but Ferrari panels do not come cheap!"

It is quite shocking that the exotic car crash did not occur on the track, but on the way to it…is it surprising that the offender was a blonde? Follow link for more blondes crashing exotic cars! For the record, I am a woman and the blonde jabs are intended in good fun–not to be offensive. 

If you want to skip to the crash, it happens at 3:50. The video clip is hilarious, as you can see the man in the passenger seat is visibly uneasy for pretty much the duration of the drives. Don’t miss our fleet of exotic car rentals in Miami and a city near you on your way out!




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