Who Is Ready To Fly?

It’s A Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Jetlev

Here at the Chicago branch of Imagine Lifestyles, we usually refer to flying as getting behind the wheel of one of our exotic sports car rentals and cruising down Lake Shore Drive 10-15 mph over the speed limit.  However, after a recent discovery, we hope to soon be actually flying over Lake Michigan.  Unfortunately, we are not purchasing any new luxury charter planes or helicopters but we are hoping to get our hands on a Jetlev as soon as possible. 


A Jetlev, for those of you still reading, is a personal jetpack powered by water that allows users to fly up to 30 feet above the water and up to 25 mph.  Now being that the Jetlev is water powered, it is limited in use to above water only; so luckily for us we have a small, little pond nearby called Lake Michigan. Check our their website for a little more on all the scientific reasons of how this thing works if you want at 


What once seemed to be a part of Hollywood or make believe is now available for those of us with a keen sense of adventure.  Imagine Lifestyles is all for the advances in these technologies and hopes to get their hands on a Jetlev this summer either in our Miami branch or right here in Chicago.  For the meantime, stick to the boring old routine of “flying” down Lake Shore Drive in one of our exotic luxury rental cars.  A ride in our Lamborghini Gallardo rental car almost seems boring in comparison to flying, but we assure you it will still knock your socks off.