Who Wants A Chocolate Bar Car?

Mercedes Benz Chocolate Car Unveiled

OK, it’s not actually made of chocolate that wouldn’t be very safe to drive and would probably melt when the engine ran for more than a few minutes.  Mercedes Benz has launched a chocolate-themed version of its’ Smart car.  The car was just in time for the Valentine Day season and it might surprise you whom the company wants to buy this car for. I wonder how many they sold for V-Day.  I am sure most people would prefer an exotic rental car or a chocolate car.

In Japan, it is custom for women to give the men in their lives gifts of chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  Instead of a Hershey’s bar this year it looks like some Japanese men will be receiving a Smart car instead.  The car is designed to look like an actual chocolate bar, and even has brown, chocolate colored rims to match.  Priced around $29,000, this is one expensive chocolate bar too.  

Chocolate Smart Car

The car will only be on sale for a few weeks and production will be limited so place your order for the Chocolate Bar Smart car today.  We promise you Imagine Lifestyles will never offer this vehicle in our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars but maybe we might add this sweet car to our fleet of Los Angeles luxury rental cars.  We prefer Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s around here, and this whole chocolate bar concept car just seems silly to us.  However, a candy bar is sounding better and better.