Who Would Slice An Aston Martin DB9 Convertible in Half?

Aston Martin DB9Aston Martin DB9 Convertible

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you sliced a luxury car in half?  The masterminds of Aston Martin have generously provided a floor model depicting just that-an Aston Martin DB9 segmented to show the exterior and interior workings of the lavish representation.

Without having to open doors and pop the trunk, you can walk around this floor model and see well beyond a 3D view of what the Aston Martin DB9 convertible has to offer.  A sleek and aerodynamic body encompasses the ultimate in high-end interior, oozing that beloved “new car” scent.  This car was designed both inside and out for warm-weather cruising and the overall experience of the ride.

Aston Martin has remained steadfastly true to their upscale originality and lavish generous of style.  The DB9 convertible boasts a hard-top for ultimate comfort in all weather conditions, with minimal outside disturbance.  This is an important factor when you consider this machine is capable of zero to sixty in approximately 4.7 seconds flat.  The Aston Martin DB9 is available in both manual six-speed and automatic transmissions to suit the needs of any classy driver and luxury rental car enthusiast.

This exotic convertible rental is ideal for Miami weather, and parading about the city at night.  When you want the best for your next vacation or business trip in South Beach, look no further than the DB9 convertible rental to ensure your success and experience.

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