Why Rent a Car? Top 5 Hidden Costs of Owning a Luxury Car

Many people are satisfied with driving or renting a standard car from a top-rated automaker, but others crave the experience and image only an exotic car or luxury car rental can provide.  Before making the big decision, it is important to consider the hidden costs of owning a luxury car, as you may prefer to rent one!


Among the top 5 hidden costs of owning a luxury car are:

1.    Higher taxes
2.    Increased insurance needs and rates
3.    Maintenance costs, cost of ownership
4.    Fuel expenses
5.    Proper storage costs


Higher taxes.  When you own a luxury car, you will incur not only the steep initial cost of purchase, but get slapped with a large sales tax.  This is because the sales tax is the same for any vehicle purchase, and measured by a percentage of the vehicle’s price tag, which will be astronomically higher for a luxury car.  Before investing, you may want to consider how much cheaper it will be to simply indulge in a luxury rental car on special occasions.

Insurance costs and risks.  While sales tax is the same percentage for standard and luxury cars, insurance rates differ.  Exotic and luxury cars come with a higher insurable risk, and insurance companies bill accordingly.  Before you buy that Lamborghini, Ferrari or Aston Martin, check with your insurance agent to find out hFerrari F430 Wreckow much your monthly insurance bill will jump, you may be astounded.  A properly insured Ferrari F430 rental is less of a headache should you have a fender-bender…or end up in a situation like the photo to the right!  One accident to your luxury car decreases the resale value grately.  


Maintenance and ownership costs.  Maintenance costs for a luxury vehicle are often much higher than standard cars.  You will also need to find out if there is a qualified mechanic in your area who is capable of maintaining a luxury vehicle.  The parts for a luxury car usually need to be specially ordered, and cost much more for that and service.  When you opt for a luxury car rental, maintenance is no longer your problem.

Fuel costs.  Luxury and exotic cars and SUVs often use more fuel, and more expensive fuel than their standard counterparts.  This is an expense that will occur regularly, and should be factored into your purchase or rent decision.

Storage costs.  You cannot realistically expect to park your exotic car on the curb, nor will a standard residence garage suffice for proper storage.  When you own a luxury car like a Maserati or Bentley, you need a storage facility that includes climate control and security.  Again, this issue is not on your shoulders should you decide on a luxury SUV rental or exotic car rental instead of investing in one.

Keep the above considerations in mind when deciding if a luxury vehicle investment is worth it for you.


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