Winter Music Miami Begins, Scene and Heard… Luxury Living at its Finest

As you should know, it’s Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach this week. WMC basically means millions of DJ’s fly in from all around the world, there are millions of parties by the pool and all night. Like mad people partying 24 hours a day and dropping a lot of E, Miami’s gone wild.

Spotted last night at the Fountainebleau Hotel, Miami: DJ AM spinning the best music ever,  Paris Hilton with new boyfriend of the month Doug Reinhardt, and little sister Nikki Hilton. DJ AM was totally in his element spinning at LIV nightclub, in the Fountainebleau. The thousand-person club was packed out and raving. Then Paris Hilton made an entrance with cameras following close behind,  obviously.  The girl feigns for attention, she was wearing more glittery jewels than should even be legal.  Paris has been rocking short hair and a hippie headband look recently; last night she was wearing her headband with so many diamonds in it that it was reflecting off the walls and her diamond covered dress was so tight and short that nothing was left to the imagination. Hilton gave a wave to DJ AM, Reinhardt followed on her arm like an obedient boyfriend should, and the couple made their way to a table on the dance floor. Doug Reinhardt from reality show The Hills looked star struck and confused the whole night. Baby sister Nikki Hilton was first seen in the Gansevoort lobby with a few girlfriends, then, in the LIV bathroom checking herself out.  The whole crew left LIV shortly thereafter to continue partying around Miami Beach. Tonight is P Diddy a.k.a Sean Comb’s private house party on Star Island. We will tell you all about it tomorrow, check in if you care.