Women Vs Men: Who is Driving What?

It is obvious when you watch the cars whizzing past you that women and men prefer different cars, for the most part.  Before you object, I realize there are exceptions to every rule, and those exceptions make it interesting.  Let’s investigate further.

A study of vehicle registrations of 13 million U.S. citizens over a two-year period conducted by peaked my interest.  Truecar is based in California and is an auto pricing information company.
New Beetle
The study suggests over 50 percent of the population is female, but that just 36 percent of them register vehicles.  This is where the study became humorous to me, and won me over.  It then went on to say that of the registered VW Beetles, 56 percent were women.  I am sure you have all seen the little flower holders all the new Beetles come with?  Tell me that is not marketing geared toward women.  The quote from the article stated:

"It fits the description of what women want in a car.  It’s cheap to maintain and own. It gets good gas mileage. It’s practical to get around in big cities yet it’s stylish to drive in hip metropolitan areas. It’s kind of a home run from all those different perspectives.”Bugatti Veyron

Ha. Haha!  Well, I personally cannot picture a macho man tooling around in a bright shiny new Beetle.  The study states that the highest percentage of luxury cars are registered to men, including brands such as Bugatti (100%), Ferrari (94.4%), and Lamborghini (93.5%).

Well ladies, I suppose we need to step our game up a notch (and likely our careers to compete with that)!  Unless the fellas want to race Beetle to Bentley? 

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