World’s Most Expensive Cocktail is $8,830

A night on the town can add up, but $8,830 per drink would be hard to swallow! The world’s most expensive cocktail may well be ‘Salvatore’s Legacy by mixologist Salvatore Calabrese. The reason behind the ulcer-inducing price per glass is that the main ingredients are 240 years old, pre-dating the French Revolution! One shot of Russo Baltique vodka could be more expensive, however, at a cool one million dollars per bottle.

Most Expensive Cocktail

Imagine sipping $8,830 USD. That is the cost of ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’, which is perhaps the world’s most expensive cocktail. 

Salvatore Calabrese is affectionately known as ‘The Maestro’, and is one of the world’s leading luxury bartenders. Calabrese’s quest to make the world’s most expensive drink was previously shattered along with its main ingredient: the historic cognac costing $77,480 per bottle.

Most Expensive Cocktail

What would you rather have for nearly $9,000: about 4 exotic rental cars or one vintage shmintage cocktail? The after effects of a Lamborghini would be more pleasant.

According to rumors, an affluent long-term customer of the legendary cocktail-connoisseur purchased the rather antique ingredients to create ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’. Most people have had favorite bartenders over the years, but it tends to stop short of providing venture capital for their personalized drink menus. Question: Does anyone else imagine that this regular customer of The Maestro may have been intoxicated during the preliminary discovery phase of this cocktail’s creation? I wonder which was more painful for the client, the bill or the hangover!

Most Expensive Cocktail

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