Would You Pay $500 for an Impeccable Dinner in the Sky? South Florida’s Luxury Dining Experience

Dinner in the Sky

You would need a pair of stilts to get a peek at what fellow diners have on their plates at Fresh Harvest Restaurant’s chef table at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek, Florida.  This unique and worldly table is hoisted 180 feet in the sky, where brave diners, casino high-rollers and Florida’s tourists can scale the delicious fare with a lofty view.

The first public Dinner in the Sky event at the Seminole Casino on December 5th, 2008 was the very first one held in the United States, and created such a stir that it was tailed by four more that very day, and five on Saturday, December the 6th.  The exciting Dinner in the Sky event kicked off its new Chef’s Table option at Fresh Harvest Restaurant.

At $500 per seat for the hour long Dinner in the Sky experience, you are paying for both the delectable expertise of executive chef Francois Ternes as well as the towering thrill of dinning in mid-air. As for safety, Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek Florida every piece of equipment used for Dinner in the Sky has passed the German TUV Rheinland (the most comprehensive safety rating system worldwide).

The airy experience consists of a table for 22, who are secured to their leather seats that are attached to a dining table.  The leather seats recline slightly, and the dining table is connected to a crane.  Guests are accompanied by three of Seminole’s chefs, and the special table features a walkway in the center where up to five staff attend to guests secured by harnesses.

The concept of dining off of the ground originated in Belgium in 2006, and has since spread like wildfire through both word of mouth and industry trade shows.  It was at a trade show in Orlando one year ago that entrepreneur Michael Gallant of Fresh Harvest Restaurant first encountered the idea, and instinctively knew it was something he should invest in. 

Rising to the occasion, Gallant and business partner Taj Jordan, hosted the first Dinner in the Sky in the U.S.  The concept has hit upwards of 16 countries, raising the expectations of diners.  The concept debuted in Toronto, Canada just this year as well. 

We do not recommend a dress, but a must-do is a Miami luxury rental car for the occasion.  While the table is suspended in the air, your plane will not take you directly to your seat.  Would you invest $500 to experience extraordinary cuisine in the sky?

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