Would You Pay More For a Parking Spot than a Ferrari?

If it sounds crazy to you to drop more on a parking spot than a brand-new drop-top Ferrari…do not move to Manhattan! For the bargain price of $225,000, you can purchase a prime spot in space-starved Manhattan…where parking space is considered prime real estate! Amazingly, there are actual waiting lists for these exclusive spots. I did cover the most expensive parking spot back in March of 2011, and it retains the title along with increasing media coverage. How much will the next most expensive spot set one back?

Manhattan parking
If you couldn’t imagine spending such a huge amount on a parking spot, just imagine lugging your groceries and shopping bags for blocks in winter weather (double that if you have kiddos)!

The waiting lists include some who do not even own a vehicle, but see an investment opportunity to rent out the spot and cover their own bills or sell it to the highest bidder for a quick profit. For a quarter of a million dollars, you could own a large home with lavish views and a 4-car garage in some cities …but in Manhattan, you get an 18×9 square of security to park your luxury car. I say luxury car because for that price I do not want to see a Honda Civic parked there!

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia

Manhattan is not alone, other expensive cities to park in include: (Price is per month)
•    London-Up to $1,084
•    Zurich-$822
•    Rome-$719
•    Asia, Hong Kong and Tokyo are all around $745
•    Perth, Australia-$717

Most Expensive Parking Spots

Most expensive parking spots

Most expensive cities to park

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