WTF: $2 Million Dollar Bugatti Gets $2 Car Wash!

This cheap Bugatti owner opted for the coin car wash for his million dollar exotic sports car! Onlookers were shocked and appalled that the Veyron owner would stoop as low as a rough and rugged coin wash bay to clean a Bugatti. This is a bizarre exotic car move, indeed!

Bugatti coin car wash

This guy has brillo pads for balls and a reservoir where his brain should be.

Reports state that the owner of the car wash said that the minute the foam brush touched the Bugatti, he would turn it off and make them leave! It was likely the first and last time the owner would witness such an all-out assault on a leading luxury car.

Bugatti at Standard Car Wash

Bugatti at a standard car wash

Well, the economy is certainly in bad shape, and cutting corners is a must. The Veyron owner was last spotted pulling into the Dollar Tree searching for a dangly ‘new car scent’ tree for his rear view mirror.  I kid, I kid.

Bugatti detail

A proper luxury car detailing and wash

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Bugatti cleaning sponge

Bugatti rear window cleaning sponge, $50,000

Bugatti towed

A Bugatti towed! It looks just like the car wash offender!





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