WTF: Bijan’s Bugatti Veyron Memorial Vandalized in Broad Daylight!

In May we covered the bright yellow Bugatti that belonged to the late Bijan Pakzad, famed Iranian designer.  Upon Pakzad’s death in April, the Bugatti remained parked on the street outside of his Rodeo Drive boutique, acting as a loud but silent memorial to the eccentric exotic car lover and fashion icon.  Shockingly, the Bugatti has been vandalized, in broad daylight! Follow link for Bijan Bugatti Veyron video then click back for the rest of the story!

Bijan Pakzad's Bugatti Veyron

Bijan Pakzad’s Bugatti Veyron parked curbside in Rodeo Drive outside of his store

The act of exotic car vandalism has left the upscale community shocked, because well…Rodeo Drive is not exactly a crime mecca.  The Bugatti is parked in the same spot Pakzad left it before he died, only now it features a broken passenger window, not quite the fashion statement its former owner had intended.  The broken window borders the sidewalk and was not vulnerable to auto traffic, leaving the assumption that someone attempted to break into the Bugatti.

Glee’s tribute to the Jazmine Sullivan hit, ‘Bust Your Windows’…I found it somehow appropriate, though Pakzad’s auto assailant likely did not have a passionate motive!


Such a senseless tragedy against an innocent supercar, Pakzad would certainly be displeased! Pakzad dressed a lot of very important individuals to earn that car, including

•    Arnold Schwarzenegger
•    George W. Bush
•    Barack Obama
•    Vladimir Putin
•    Tom Cruise
•    Anthony Hopkins
•    Michael Jordan
•    Jay Leno (Yes, he wears more than denim!)
•    Usher
•    Even Giorgio Armani!

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