WTF: BMW Boasts Leather Exterior?

Leather BMW

Leatherbound BMW

There are many interesting things that can be done with leather, just ask Lady Gaga or PETA.  All jokes aside, some are having a cow about an individual who opted for the leather option, on the exterior that is, on his luxury BMW.  This takes bizzare exotic cars to an extreme level!


BMW with leather exterior

BMW with leather exterior

BMW is renowned for their fine Italian leather seating, but who would have ever envisioned someone customizing a BMW with a leather exterior?  I thought we had seen it all-a Porsche dipped in gold, ugly paint jobs, customized exotics and more, but this is something straight out of ‘Pimp my Ride’!

BMW with leather exterior

So what happens to this leather bound BMW in the event of a sudden downpour?  Will the leather crack in the hot sun?  Does the owner wear leather hot-pants?  The inquiries are endless!

BMW with leather exterior

I was sadly unable to find any shots of the interior…but I hope it is designed to resemble a painted exterior, like an inside-out luxury car.

BMW with leather exterior

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