WTF: A Bugatti Sedan? Volkswagen to back Bugatti Galibier 16C Sedan

Bugatti Galibier Luxury Sedan

Bugatti Galibier Luxury Sedan

The Bugatti Galibier luxury concept car is what wet dreams are made of, and apparently the good people at Volkswagen couldn’t agree more-as they intend to back a 16C Galibier sedan for production!  In a perfect world, there would be a new Bugatti created daily, making the most unbelievable exotic sports car rental fleet on earth…but I will settle for this. 


Bugatti Galibier Luxury Sedan Interior

But wait…a sedan?  A Bugatti sedan?  It seems that Wolfgang Duerheimer, head of Bugatti and Bentley was behind the push for VW backing.  The Bugatti Galibier is to be a 1000 horsepower sedan, so this is no grocery-getter, though if it were your milk would still be cold when you arrived home.  It will boast a 16-cylinder engine capable of using both biofuel and gas, with a dual-clutch gearbox.

The Galibier concept was first introduced in 2010, and when it hits production, it will cost $1.4 million.  That is fairly typical pricing for a Bugatti supercar, but will collectors pay that price for a super-sedan? 

Bugatti Galibier Luxury Sedan

On the inside, the Bugatti Galibier will feature exclusive porcelain trimmings that will only be made available for it.  Bugatti is famed for the impeccable cabins of their luxury cars, and this one will undoubtedly be no different.
Bugatti has recently confirmed that there will also be a hybrid Galibier luxury sedan option, in efforts to keep up with times and trends.  So a Bugatti hybrid sedan…saying those three words together makes my mind split, but it could be cool.

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 Bugatti Galibier Luxury Sedan





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